Pub and Cafe in Kalamazoo MI



Our Story

Traveler’s Café and Pub was built out of our passion for travel and food. Patrick Allkins and Brandon Jeannot wanted to created a place that would allow the guest to feel at home and be able to enjoy a great meal and time with family and friends. Patrick and Brandon have built a great team of people who have many years of being in the service industry to make sure the guests are welcomed and enjoy everything they try. 

 Established in 2019, we built a Pub menu with great local products to satisfy your everyday meal needs. We also put the plan in motion for Destination Menus. These menus give our guests a glimpse of various meals from around the country and around the world. Chef Craig uses his 30+ years of experience to build each menu from scratch using only the best ingredients. Each Destination Menu is planned and prepared from scratch using authentic ingredients and techniques so guests will truly be able to taste as if they were eating at each location of Destination. FOH Manager Sara  pairs each destination with authentic drink menus from the region of destination so the guests can get a full experience of what is available. 

We invite you to come in, get comfortable and let us prepare a meal or a cocktail you are sure to enjoy.